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Mp E says June 3 2016 at 7:40 pm I went on a trip this summer and we visited PLENTY of churches… so something I would add is a maxi dress and scarves drape over your shoulders church sightseeing in the summer It was SO hot while I was there and I was glad have a dress that was loose and spped at my mid calf Same with the scarf because I could take it off after leaving the church get cooler. Find answers in product info Q&As reviews

It is true that everyone will know you’re a urist either way 🙂 If you want be a bit more up European style while hiking around you could opt a sneaker that is somewhere between fashion and function (like the Asics Tiger line) which you will find many Italians wearing about wn but I also found had enough grip hiking in Cinque Terre Remember Amlfi Coast area is hilly… Even a conservative wedge might have you regretting your choice when you have make a decent down a hill (as I am finding with my new shoes day in Ostuni!) It’s more of a slipping hazard than discomt I generally opt my Patagonia flats 3/4 of my outfits even on long walking days and they translate well dinner out Regret it once you get there? Buy a gorgeous pair of handmade sandals/flats 🙂 Allie H says November 7 2012 at 8:29 pm I would discourage you from bringing big furry boots you will not wear anywhere else during your trip If you want do boots maybe make them your accent piece (get a colored boot you can wear the rest of your trip) Remember you have pack that stuff around the rest of the trip! If you insist on something white consider a lower profile white flat perhaps — you’re right not want bring a heel It will just get stuck in the cobbles. Girls talk and walk in San Sebastian in January and all are wearing one thing in common Hint — check the necks I bet they are talking about visiting their next pintxos bar Pintxos are basically the same as tapas tiny delicacies on a piece of ast but this is in Basque country where many people speak the native euskara language so it is pintxos in this jewel of a city in the north of Spain San Sebastian is known as Donostia the Basque people Those are the folks who. By the way when the friendly helper is done with your suitcase you might look see if you still have a purse One of his buddies standing nearby probably picked that off as the first cavalier distracted you with his charming accented English This scenario sounds a little harsh but this is the real world not the fantasy feely-good world created by most writers See chapter 8 Pickpockets in Europe: They're Everywhere advice on avoiding Jesse James and the bandit gangs They are everywhere you want be That is their team job The scoundrels rarely work alone BUSINESS WEAR Casual is. By. Riley says June 9 2013 at 6:32 am What type of shoes did you end up being the most comtable in? I am leaving in a week a ur of trip What would you suggest? Wow I found the brother of my lost fedora at the annual street fair in Bloemendaal on one fine summer day I spent five weeks in summer 2015 biking and phographing around Nord Holland the Netherlands Paula ok this pho as I enjoyed an espresso at an outdoor cafe I'm no fashionista sure but I like my scarf Drats I lost it on my way home Michigan Some lucky person in Schiphol Heathrow or Detroit airport is now wearing it Leather Leather jackets are fairly popular in Europe especially in Spain Leather looks good and is very practical It resists drizzle and wind Use mink oil keep it clean and waterproof I wore a bomber jacket on my spring 2009 trip around Britain and Ireland It is cool and drippy in those countries much of. Carry an extra pair of shoes since it is likely that your shoes will get soaked occasionally If you invest in a pair with natural leather uppers you can oil them the point that they resist water like wax paper Use mink oil or equivalent once. Buying in Europe can be a challenge Clothing is cut differently partly style and partly fit the build of the average citizen This varies considerably from country country Size Conversion Tables Take care in using the clothing size conversion tables presented in books Tables differ Sales clerks are seldom knowledgeable or helpful on this They know less about American sizes than you can learn about European sizes Size tables are posted in some of the large department sres though in some sres I have seen conflicting conversion tables American European sizes on the wall and on garment packages I have bought the same size under shorts with the same brand name in two different European countries One was loose and one. Adventurous Andrea says Janu at 3:02 am I’m live a year in rino and this list is seriously sooooo helpful! Nikki says J at 12:10 pm I get a lot of email I invite it See my Blow Back section I try make this web site more helpful every day and reader feedback is one of my sources of new inmation Your questions tell me what I have missed and your critiques keep me on my es Of course I do get complimentary emails A recent one is particularly pleasant By Brooke I came back from Amsterdam a few years ago after participating in the annual Queen's Day party on April 30 and visiting the blooming tulips at Keukenhof in early May It appeared that about 80% of the urists of all ages and 95% of the young locals are wearing Levi's or something similar Girls wear very tight jeans with a prominent belt around the hips There is no excess fat on the Dutch girls Men are wearing various sorts of jeans in various colors black being very popular I stick my loose slacks with pockets that I can get my hands in My Dockers "Pleated Classic Fit" charcoal slacks from J.C Penny were perfect Ultimate Female Packing List Cuba in Marching Cuba is a unique experience Check out this female packing list Cuba in March so you'll know…Continue Reading Long dark coats are favored in Norway This is Oslo in January and way up north at about the same latitude as Anchorage Alaska but there is no snow on the ground The Gulf Stream keeps the climate temperate throughout northern coastal Europe a bit of insight on hot and cold drips and wind see Weather in Europe: They measure it differently HAIR Although it is not something that most of us pack a trip hair is an important part of your wardrobe in the context of your appearance You do not need buy a new wardrode ing Europe But if you feel the need go shopping at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill sre You can find some great in nearly new condition at ridiculously low prices and help out a good cause Leave the behind at your last hotel with a thank you note the chambermaid You made someone happy day! And it gives you extra luggage space haul your souvenirs home! Judy says Ma at 12:25 pm Did you find out about the boots and rain coat ? we are ur this summer a month… Thank you. I am 82 visiting ancestral home in Florence ten days next June Small suitcase so I can lift it Do not want look like a urist what bring? Thinking two dresses two skirts two slacks (or two capris?) matching ps and pashminas ling with walking shoes bringing Birkenscks and one closed flat shoe Plus the usual iletry paraphernalia Is this adequate? Never been meeting family first time want leave a good impression Thank you any comments help. An alternative those who like tennies is the Florsheim line of shoes called "Comtech." These are light weight black slip-ons with a cushion botm They look great are super comtable and will get you past any maitre d' or doorman Hat Hats are not very common in Europe Do not let that sp you from wearing one Hats are practical whether keep the sun or the drizzle off your head I wore a black wool fedora on my last ur of Britain and Ireland until I got it and left it on a train in Edinburgh After five years of looking a replacement I found the perfect hat at the annual outdoor market in Bloemendaal Nederland The vendor is a sparkling eclectic gal from Haarlem doing business as Cosy van Tutti (Zijlvest 11 Zwart) a few steps south of one of my favorite pubs in Haarlem Cafe de Witte Zwaan Cosy has a large selection of men's hats but very limited. Her Packing List

Veronica says May 3 2013 at 12:55 am I am amalfi coast and tuscany in September first time will be on a ur will be ling over Rome by myself any tips see rome as a middle age woman ling alone? This is my first time overseas so I am anxious as well as excited. Panty liners and wet ones You find small flat ones in a plastic wrap Use a lip liner with blusher Makeup :a tinted sunscreen Dyed eyelashes and brows save on make up! Def your own shampoo and conditioner a good concentrated brand like Redken or Purology Can be mixed one nine in a little plastic sqeuse bottle Feet : A foot cream foot powder works as a deodorant and perfect on clammy upper under arms Turning 68 IS MY MOST FAVORITE PASTIME Annie Cape wn South Africa, My husband and I leave Cinque Terre and Florence (with days trips Venice and Rome) in 10 days And I have a broken foot so I’ll be walking in a boot most of the time I’m nervous about what shoes wear since I’ll already be hobbling a bit It’s o late buy anything b/c I don’t have time wear them in … I’ll be packing Rainbows Keens and flats I wanted check with you about the locks our luggage We’ll be staying 3 nights in one hotel and 5 nights in another … do you think we need lock our luggage when we’re out of the room the day or just lock it when we’re ling from one location the next? Loved your list and have added some of your suggestions my packing list. The wool/polyester blend slacks look more like wool than plastic but they wash drip dry You won't need iron these if you care them according the label Levi Strauss has introduced a new Dockers line available in several colors besides the normal khaki A couple of pairs of the dark charcoal served me well throughout Europe on my recent trips In addition you must keep yourself comtable Northern European weather is generally cooler wetter and more variable than in the United States South of the Alps and Pyrenees it can be warm and stuffy just about any time of the year Walking in and out of museums restaurants and sres may ce you off and on your coat In sres the heat from those little halogen lamps can be very uncomtable Be ready rain or shine morning chill or afternoon heat In addition your othbrush and umbrella carry a light weight windbreaker at all times See "layers" below Teresa says Febru at 6:28 pm Marie says April 6 2014 at 12:16 am in May was wondering if you got any good advice on good footwear would be much appreciated thanks. There are some people who wear blue jeans as if it was a religion They insist on wearing them everywhere I wear jeans if I am out on my bicycle or local pubs in Holland But normally I dress a bit more upscale the benefits it gives me Fashions do change and fashions are different in different cities but slacks a dress shirt and street shoes are always welcome Hi I’m heading (Florence Rome Sorren) in a couple of weeks (March 9-18) is it ok if I bring some white converse and vans? I’m 15 so I don’t think I’ll look o strange 🙂 I’ve been reading that it’ll be chilly so I’m taking a few pies of skinny jeans legging and cute sweaters + a dress and scarf when I visit the Vatican Will this be alright my trip??. I just think that if you have a bag where you can feel if someone is trying pull it off your shoulders and can’t you’re better off A purse can be swiped off one shoulder and it’s gone…two straps and you have a better chance of keeping the bag and pitching a public fit so someone might be inclined help you out That’s why I argue cargo pants keep your wallet in…you’re definitely notice someone brushing up against your thigh If they swipe your purse that way they’re end up with trinkets and maybe your hotel key No big Honestly you’re look like a urist anyway if you speak bad Italian like I do or don’t look like the native population you’re stand out It’s how you project yourself that makes all the difference Sara says Febru at 6:08 pm Of luck in planning your wedding trip! It will be an excellent adventure and your *might just* want pack one small checked bag your wedding stuff if you just can’t imagine not having wedding-specific items In my experience you can sometimes get the airline staff hang your dress in their coat closet on the plane in addition having one carry-on item I would get in uch with your airline though see if this is something they’d offer. Eva says Aug at 11:47 am Venice Florence and Rome in early November (6-16) and wondering how the weather is during that time? I’ve heard cold and rain? Anyone go during November? Thanks There was an error submitting your subscription Please. Copyright: Internet edition © 2001-2017 James J Broad All rights reserved us droits réservés This is copyrighted material Do not reproduce copy plagiarize re-craft sre modify extract transmit or purloin any part of this publication in any nation in any m or by any means or any purpose whatsoever without permission in writing Copying: You may print one paper copy of this web page your personal use Permissions: When in Rome Stephanie takes a break on a bridge railing with a Vatican background Gracie says Ma at 11:52 pm I am 10 days in the end of march early April will it still be cold or should I be packing more like dresses and springy ? Also can I just wear like ms everywhere you think or should I try find. Sarah says J at 12:13 pm Definitely also bring a plug converter since the power outlets in are different Charging a lapp or phone is impossible without one and they might be difficult find once you get there (or pricey if they are in the. Jenna says August 6 2011 at 6:20 pm Lots of good suggestions! We led two years ago three weeks We found that Rick Steves book very helpful I ok only a carry on bag on wheels and packed half as many shirts socks and under I figured I could purchase anything else I needed I washed out what I wore that day the following evening usually I would recommend a wash clothe and pick that are somewhat coordinated And don’t dress down look nice and you will be treated accordingly We ok only our IPOd’s which were great go online listen books or music and not a huge loss if slen We had a. Judy Miller says June 5 2017 at 1:38 pm Lock the suitcase every day. By HPL Guest Packing Lists "the style in right now is very preppy Everyone looks like they're step on a yacht Collared shirts the jacket over the shoulders and tied in the front They wear jeans all the time but only the Guess Dolce and Gabana etc It's like stuck up but eftless It looks like it ok them two seconds get ready but they look good "I did not see a lot of speedos just the old guys and even less pless I think I saw like five and I was there [at the beach] two weeks Of course the little girls are still always pless I hardly ever see a girl under ten with a p on." An Update from Stephanie Stephanie made her annual month trip in July and August 2012 at age 24 By email here is her packing list and commentary Lauren says September 6 2017 at 12:25 pm Thanks the helpful packing list I’ll be using it as a starting point our trip Molise and Sicily. The following is a guest packing list provided by Suzy Guese See all packing list posts here You might say packing and are my two great loves I should include some hunky man in that list but I can’t deny a perfectly packed suitcase bound Many years my personal preference was a pair of black slip-on shoes wool/polyester blend slacks turtleneck shirt and sport coat This ensemble will get you through almost any door in Europe with reasonable respect keep you comtable under most weather conditions and allow you blend in without being instantly identified as "the American." I have worn out a couple of sports coats in my s I prefer the black/gray herringbone style with as many inside pockets as possible This s very well without showing wrinkles or minor stains If you do not want buy a new one go a Salvation Army sre in an upscale neighborhood There will probably be a selection in the mid size ranges about $25 This is chapter 5 The entire book is published free on-line by the DIY er author phographer and webmaster —yours truly— with help from my daughter Stephanie and good friend Paula in Haarlem Nord Holland Netherlands Questions comments complaints and contributions are welcome Please click footnote Patronage at my euro-shoppe™ keeps this site on line Updated 2 April 2017 The emperor's don't cut it A PRELUDE IN EUROPE In conjunction with this chapter please see these chapters advice on packing and luggage My "Last Call" is a comprehensive punch list the Mother of All Packing Lists Elle says Ma at 4:28 am Loved the post! The most random item I brought with me turned out be the ! This is specifically people backpacking I bought a poncho my pack… sounds frivolous right? But is turned out be amazing on walks through the cities and countryside in the rain Everything on my pack was kept perfectly dry (since my pack wasn’t waterproof) But another useful feature is I didn’t worry about pickpockets at all regarding my pack while I was walking through crowed areas I recommend it everyone And if you are staying in a hostel a headlight is very useful Enjoy. Allie H says May 3 2013 at 4:03 pm […] Ultimate Female Packing List […] However after all of these trips of frequenting in different seasons and different geographic locations I have made some packing errors whether it be bringing o much or thinking I could wear sandals year round Having learned from my mistakes I hope novices can in turn pack better with this list I have included items that work year round with some adding and subtracting different times of the year While is diverse it is pretty similar from e heel throughout the different seasons From a two-week excursion the country semesters spent studying abroad this list should be sufficient These facilities will be strictly self-service If you do not understand the workings of the machine ask If you put your stuff in and come back six hours later you can expect see your dumped on any adjacent table or chair Someone else needed wash Do likewise if you need but ask the manager first Just because the machine has spped does not mean that the wash is finished It may be on one of its pauses Bee starting ask what the fee is if it is not posted You may or may not need furnish your. Ultimate Female Packing List Cuba (in a 30L backpack)Osereme ed light and packed everything she needed in a 30L backpack her Cuba vacation Follow suit with her…Continue Reading The shoe list is dead on – heels + cobblesne = bad news so don’t even bother wasting room in your suitcase I might even suggest bringing two pairs of flat boots though I wore mine almost every day I lived in Florence and by the end of my time there they were pretty worn down Although I guess the alternative is buy another great pair of boots IN 🙂 I would also suggest bringing an power adapter It’s such a beautiful country you’re quickly kill the battery on your camera & you’ll need some way recharge it! I got mine here: /-grounded-plug- bee I left so I didn’t have worry about finding one once I. Here I am wearing typical urist garb prowling downwn Athens Greece in summer 1993 I would never dress like this in Paris or London or anyplace else except at the beach But it was really hot and Athens is rather casual The "Michigan" cap collared t-shirt shorts and canvas shoes sort of identified me even without the city map camera and day bag We were on a month long road trip from Germany target Istanbul Not knowing about the availablity of ATM machines I stashed $1,000 in one shoe and 1,000 Deutschemarks in the other bee we left Germany But look I'm standing in front of the Alpha Bank and there is a guy drawing cash at the 24/7 ATM machine behind me [Pho by Elizabeth] I just found your website!! I absolutely love the idea of creating a blog solely about things pack when ing This was extremely helpful because this summer I will be and I actually bookmarked this so I can refer back it! Keep blogging al those ers out there. Heading Rome May 27 and will end up in Venice – headed home June 6 Shoes are my big concern I will be packing active skorts (with shorts underneath) hiking biking Vespa ur so will bring cute Diesel sneakers those outfits I’m packing long skirts and maxi dresses the rest of the trip I was planning bring a pair of ry Burch sandals but worry that these may not work the long walking Does anyone have a suggestion a cute sandal that works with dresses? My closet is filled with over 100 pairs of shoes most of which are heels and platm wedges (4″ or more) I prefer the wedges but from what I’ve read not practical Thanks any help you can provide! Levi's and other brands of denim jeans became fashionable in Europe in the 1990's Some of my critics dispute the date It depends where you were in Europe at that time but it doesn't matter any more anyway This is the new millenium 2000+ Levi's are now lerated in many cafés and restaurants during the day However regular slacks are still much more common as street wear in major cities throughout Europe Based on my observations of people walking through the central train stations of Europe less than 20% were wearing denim jeans The preference the vast majority men and young and old was black slacks Slacks are also much more in harmony with packing light Levi's are heavy and bulky and take a day dry out when they get rained on If you do wear denim select a lightweight pair with a bit of fashion You might want consider wearing Levi slacks rather than. Hi I’m planning on next summer about 6 weeks but I was thinking of taking walking sandals (closed e ones) flip flops ( shower/beach) and a pair of pumps my more dressy option Do you think taking closed e walking sandals would be okay? I’m mostly visiting cities Thanks Get instant access our Packing List Downloads Reposiry!Subscribe so you can download this packing list and many more from our reposiry Success! Now check your email confirm your subscription and get your access instructions. Michaela says at 9:40 pm Turtleneck shirts are ideal the cooler climate in northern Europe but they are not normally scked in American sres In fact I couldn't find a single one in my homewn in Michigan as I packed a recent trip The men's shops all said that they weren't in style this year Booosh! I ended up buying a couple of good cotn T-necks at the V+D department sre after I arrived in Holland Many turtlenecks are available at year round An open collar dress shirt is a good substitute the turtleneck in warmer weather In very few restaurants is a tie required though you'll see them worn often in better establishments winter I also bring a lightweight turtleneck sweater When it is really cold I put on an extra t-shirt. Haley says Aug at 5:08 pm I love this list! I’ve been several parts of in the summer but this December will be my first trip Lucca in late fall/early winter I very much appreciate. Michelle Kiel says May 2 2013 at 12:31 am Hello Love that I came across. Feb. The long grizzly look is characteristic of laborers and dopey students just as it is in the United States Bee you go get a haircut Short hair is much easier take care of an important consideration while ing But do not get a military trim That's o short If you get a full head shave you may be mistaken a bar bouncer However real bar bouncers may regard you as a punching bag Girls from 17 77 have been complaining me regularly writing from the male side of things Well male is what I am and I ain't changing But I have a couple of sections below that address the feminine way including some inmation from my daughter Stephanie Julie says Septem at 3:03 pm One of my friends warned me that Italian men pinch and her boobs were black and blue by the end of the trip I wrapped up well and was only pinched on the botm but then my breasts are rather puny in comparison Apart from that love the place and your comments are v useful. Instead of shoes I have become a convert sandals more specifically Birkenscks a German brand Once you break in a pair of Birkenscks you will never go back shoes again except during srmy weather You won't even want go barefoot again Birkenscks have a half inch of cork between the hard rubber botm and the leather part you rest your feet in Cork is very easy walk on You can go all day in these things I recommend black socks with the Birkenscks unless you are at the beach Birkenscks are expensive so you can make this one of your purchases when in Germany at prices 50% less than the American prices There are other advantages wearing Birkensck sandals At airport security check you can kick them off and slip them back on in a second In hotels where the ilet is down the hall slip them on when making a trip The same goes overnight trains if you do not have a W.C in your couchette Allie H says at 6:36 pm It won't cost you much dress better It will probably cost you less than that name brand Levi stuff Think have you been your local second hand sre recently They have some great stuff at laughingly ridiculous low prices You will want tell your friends as I have just done Male speaking I bought a London Fog brand zipper-in liner,trench coat $40 It looks better than the the one in my closet that I bought 15 years ago $140 Well I must admit that it is a bit out of fashion Most coats in Europe are black and the length is just above the knee so this thing is the wrong color and a foot o long per current styles I had a seamstress cut a foot off Another of my Salvation Army sre buys was a $60 London Fog windbreaker which I bought $3 Perfect Rebecca says Febru at 1:55 pm Keep enjoy- afloat I advertise scores of related books and products My site receives a commission from all goods purchased through the advert links These advert links are displayed on individual pages and on my on-line sre at Your support is most gratefully appreciated TIA Your Blow Back I welcome questions comments and complaints If you have any concerns about your trip Europe that have not been covered well enough on my web site please do not hesitate write Ask cuss discuss or whatever I read every email and update my pages when I see a question repeating Utilities: I get a lot of emails from complaining and rightly so that I am overly male focused when it comes Well I'm a man yes I am but not Lola If I was a woman I would pack a couple pairs of black cotn Capri pants a few white or pastel blouses a scarf or two the season flats and/or sturdy walking shoes That is the day evening bring a black pants suit or jump suit or dress or skirt/blouse complement the scarf You do not need empty your closet in your suitcase Mix and match and you'll be fine Bring no jewelry except the junk you can afd lose If you are under 25 years old you can wear just about anything that you wear. Three wait traffic clear bee crossing a street in Madrid If you want see the sites of Spain in moderate temperatures with fewer urists getting in the way go in the winter This was shot in January You don't have a scarf yet? has just the thing A Report from Stephanie My then 19 year old daughter Stephanie spent half July half August 2007 in She stayed with her aunt in a village north of Milan and then went the beach and shared a hotel room with her cousin Annaperina This is a part of Stephanie's report Beginning at 14 years old I started a trend of frequenting I studied Italian in Sorren a month in summer I would return just over a year later study in Sicily a semester in the fall and winter Rather than home I jumped up Florence study yet another semester in the country spending late winter spring and summer in the Renaissance city After college graduation I spent a few months in yet again and then I returned last summer three months ing from literally the p of the country the very tip of ’s stilet Yes I really do love and packing it always brings a certain thrill. Speedos had been the tradional beach wear men in Europe Younger fellows have taken up with Calinia surfer style trunks which they wear over the speedos normally wear one piece and two piece suits as in the USA However a significent percentage of leave the p half of the bikini at home pless girls are everywhere And the nga is popular showing 99% of the derrière and leaving not much the imagination leave even less the imagination and not wear anything go one of the nude beaches naked is allowed on designated coastal beaches and inland waterways throughout Europe This is usually posted "naturist" accompanied by the local. Line Color: BLUE / RED combo Color and 2 Yellow Ties with Velcro® strap attaching the line around a wel rack ( see In Style instructions included) This website is wonderful Me & my husband are ing Europe via cruise ship in Ocber 3 ng Venice,Capri Amalfi Coast Sorren Messina Naples Pompeii Suggestions packing churches Are Leggings acceptable with long ps church Thks Michelle says Ma at 3:17 pm […] bought our backpacks bee we led around and Spain 2 months last summer It was a great choice as last time I backpacked around Europe I […] Amelia says Ma at 1:43 am i packed acorrding this list and i taly blent in! thx Hi Veronica! I would suggest carrying a smaller purse or wearing a light jacket that has pockets on the inside your wallet & passport or cargo pants or wear a cross-body purse so you can tell if someone on the metro or in large crowds is tugging at it but nothing just with straps that someone can swipe off your shoulder and run with If you’re be collecting souvenirs I’d suggest a backpack the same reasons Don’t count your money in the street Don’t get me wrong; Rome is so amazing and the people are very nice but every country has their pickpockets and shady neighborhoods that if you don’t want avoid it’s take precautions I even had a small pocket knife even though I was ing with my husband and my parents-in-law He carried one o If you prefer pepper spray I’d suggest that as well It sounds so serious but you can never be o careful especially ing alone Hope. A few people who have read this paragraph have gone ballistic accusing me of saying that European do not shave their underarms and legs And some European have emailed me the effect that in the next country do not shave but the in their country do shave That supports my observations – some do and some do not Here is something that I don't know anything about A reader Jennifer wrote recently: "My daughter found that almost all of her friends from London and other European cities did not shave their legs they exfoliate I have done it years and can't lerate stubble now." Further comments from the fair side of the human race are welcome I lived in several years and the key looking native is a jacket That is a tailored blazer or leather jacket or even a nice cardigan all ages Raincoats are practical but honestly everyone uses an umbrella Scarves sunglasses and nice shoes help as well As jeans make sure they are fitted and dark with little colorful stitching (this means everywhere) Nothing is more American than baggy medium blue jeans with yellow stitching As a side note all Cinque Terre visirs Make sure bring a sturdy pair of athletic shoes You will thank yourself later I wore sandals there and my feet were literally black and blue and red weeks afterward And I knew I. Daniela Gonzalez says November 5 2012 at 3:10 am Great packing list! I would just recommend those rolls of ilet paper as I ran across several restrooms lacking it! Allison says May 1 2014 at 6:40 pm Hi Jennifer depending on where your January is not the time a vacation in Cold rainy sometimes frost and snow up north Definitely pack boots and lots of sweaters and scarves. Dressing well does not have apply only Europe I had drifted in wearing Levis at my local pub in Michigan a few years ago One night last summer I was returning home from an event where I was wearing a jacket and slacks and decided sp in at Oscar's my regular place shoot some eight ball It wasn't long bee a young lady about half my age started bumping in me and making strong eye contact After that I started wearing slacks and a dress shirt when I went Oscar's Approachments by young dames have happened again and again the point that it has become embarrassing but I won't brag on it Guys listen up here! Dress sharp and you won't need all those bull drop lines meet a girl in Europe or anywhere Brooke says at 11:44 pm Hi Grace – remember that you can buy most things you need there On a 15 month stay it’s pretty much inevitable 🙂 The washing machines in my Riga hostel were the most modern Europe has offer However the dryer was more traditional The wire hangar saves plenty of energy Latvia and the other Baltic countries are great places visit because everything is still so inexpensive Laundromats Public laundromats are usually attended sometimes are coin operated normally have restricted hours and are typically closed one or two days a week European machines are smaller than American ones and take one hour or more per load Part way through the wash cycle the machine pauses an extended soak And finally some American do not shave their armpits illustrate Joan Rivers appeared on the Johnny Carson show a number of times On one occasion in 1986 Joan was recapping her attendance at Madonna's wedding She mentioned that Madonna raised her arm and Joan had a look She ld Johnny "I thought Tina Turner was under there." The whole interview was a scream one of the funniest shows ever See it on YouTube at Joan Rivers is Hilarious on Johnny Carson's night Show It is a tragedy that Joan died She was a genius of comedy and never hesitated speak her mind WHAT LUGGAGE? How do you select luggage your 'pack light' trip? Luggage Europe: Get Wheels and Let It Roll gives my recommendations based on years of European Brooke says June 8 2016 at 6:44 am Marc says January 6 2016 at 8:52 pm Good list and glad I am a man and this is really good my wife have it Thanks sharing. Have you ed ? What do you recommend packing the country? P.S Guide + Packing Guide Summer Holiday in Rome About the author: Suzy Guese is a writer born and raised in Denver Colorado She fell in love with at a young age on family road trips and vacations Europe in particular has always had a special place in her ing heart so much so that she is always plotting a return She has studied ed and eaten her way from the p of ’s boot its pointy heel Suzy writes about her s on her website Suzy Guese ing with a redhead temperament and on the. Comment Name * Email * Website Save my name email and website in this browser the next time I comment. And please have a look at the other two gender specific sections below 'S WEAR has general inmation including links books and a website by Further on the brief section on Business will help you bring home the purchase orders But do not overlook the rest of this chapter especially the section on scarves and men CLOTHING GUIDELINES What will you wear Europe? This is a major concern but it is secondary The real question is — how much? You are infinitely better off with nothing but an umbrella and a othbrush than with the load you would typically throw in the trunk of your car and bring on a weekend sortie in the United States Ultimate Female Packing List Greenland (in Summer)Greenland is a remote Arctic destination that requires cold weather gear even in summer Bee you go check out this…Continue Reading If you buy in Europe have yourself measured by a competent salesperson if you can find one Measurements and sizes will be in centimeters See chapter 27 Europe's Metric System: with Grams Meters Liters and Centigrade if you slept through my math class and do not know about the metric system Men's shirt sleeves are measured from the shoulders not the spine Also try the garment on Ascertain whether or not it will shrink when washed Cotn items purchased in Europe will probably shrink Buy something a size. You’re so right about the Italian men! I once got followed down an alley by two guys in a golf cart–they didn’t mean any harm but I was NOT in the mood it I turned around and yelled at them which was by far the most effective strategy I tried You just have tell them go fuck themselves and look serious about it Silly American girly deference (i.e smiling while telling them no) won’t do you any good here because they’ll feel like your words say no but your face says yes Just a little cultural difference be. Erin says Decem at 3:13 pm Jennifer Bradley says Aug at 7:55 am You wonder why a guy would steal a woman's suitcase? He probably has a girl friend who would be overjoyed with some American and iletries This dude would be the hero of the month If your suitcase takes a walk I hope that you didn't hide your money and passport in it; cash I.D and — what a score! This scenario is from the 1987 edition of my book "How Europe" and is almost identical a scene in the movie "French Kiss." In fact this sry plot is the basis a good piece of the film produced 8 years after my book It looks like the script writer read my stuff Some of the rest of the movie is also pretty good Kevin Kline plays a very believable French cad and during the scroll sings a very respectable version of "La Mer," the original French version of "Beyond the Sea" made popular in the USA by the great. […] leave study abroad so soon and I am almost done packing! I found this awesome packing list on Pinterest and am so happy I did! (Thanks dad the crazy way of packing I have memorised) I […] Colder weather pack warmer I would suggest: 2-3 tank ps and short sleeve tshirts (tal – as undershirts) 2-3 long sleeve tshirts 2-3 layers ps (flannel denim or butn down cardigans) 1-2 heavy sweaters 1 light-ish jacket 1 coat (warm but roomy so you can layer under it) 3 pants (slacks and skinny jeans) 1-2 pairs of leggings and tights ( layering) MAYBE 1 dress you can wear with leggings/tights — I wouldn’t in January but that’s just me 1 boot (I’m bringing Chukka-style boots) 1 walking shoe (bringing Sanuks — not warm but I’m in Ocber) 1 flat (leather ballet flats) 1 flip flop (showers/hotels only 1 warm pashmina-style scarf (faux ones on Amazon run $5-20 — you can get one you love more as a souvenir and ditch the cheap one!) 1 gloves 1 umbrella […] people ask me what I’m doing in France Switzerland Germany or Scotland my answer tends. Thank you Nancy! Layers Dress in "layers." This means dressing in items that can be added or removed individually without changing everything when the weather changes example instead of a heavy overcoat wear a sweater and a windbreaker If it gets o warm in the afternoon take off the sweater and carry it in a shopping bag Dressing in layers requires that all of your be complementary and mixable Dark neutral and earth colors tend avoid fashion clashes and do not need cleaning as often as lighter colors You can also dress in under-layers if it is really cold On a winter trip through Scandinavia and the Baltics a few years back I would wear two or three T-shirts under my turtleneck and two pairs of socks That extra insulation really helps and is not bulky I was amazed see the locals walking about with their. Emily says J at 6:59 am You Are Absolutely Amazing… seriously! What I’m curious on is weather; I’m across the New Year and was wondering what part of this list I should include. Take it or leave it my quick-check packing list see Last Call: Prep and Pack Lists Europe That is about as comprehensive as packing lists are allowed be RECOMMENDED CLOTHING Rules the easy er then are rather midable: Pack very light Dress in style Be comtable Typical urist Clothing The worn by most American urists announce them as Yankees better than any trilingual poster ever could From the ground up you're wearing: tennis shoes worn Levi's collared tee shirt and ski jacket And all of your wordly possessions are in your humongous backpack Hi am in my mid 40s single and just booked 10 weeks in May-30July 2014 This blog has been sensational tips – any further recommendations on what direction I should take from Milan Was thinking of ling down the east coast Sicily then up the west coast Cinque Terra Any ‘must sees’ and ‘must takes’ Thanks Marisa […] trip out of it My Zuca and I recently spent two weeks in Sri Lanka and we’re headed in March Carry on is. In January these girls posed me in the Riga Latvia train station Notice the things in common a scarf and jeans and no tennies You can roll those jeans up show off your boots Friendly Helpers Pack light girls Yes you can Yes you must In fact it is more important pack light than men Remember — if you pack it you carry it you burro you And if you have o much and some helpful stranger offers give you a hand in a train station or urist office chances are nine out of ten that he is helping himself You might have nothing left carry when he is done. Nobody can say absolutely how much another individual should bring or how big or small your luggage should be Everybody has different limits That's why we have Olympic Games see who can lift the most stuff Don't break your back Stay within your own limits determine what your personal limits are whether you are a petite college girl or an NFL tackle see Pack Light Field Test: Europe in Comt and Style Untunately the usual case is that the college girl wants bring as much as an NFL tackle can carry My daughter Stephanie is a good example of this problem Take a look at her packing. Lacey says Ocber 7 2014 at 12:41 am Will you have others ing with you the wedding but heading home right afterward? Lindsey says Janu at 7:56 pm Lovely list! By HPL Guest ing with an Injury: What I Learned ing with a Mostly-Broken Ankle by HPL Guest The Poncho: The Most Useful Item on My Packing List by HPL Guest THINX Period Panties Review: The Right Choice ? by. It pays be well presented with a European flavor Europeans are conscious Northern European clothing is somewhat somber while brighter colors are more common as you go south represent personality and social status The you are wearing announce "This is me." Europeans seeing you briefly the first time will judge you completely by your appearance and will behave accordingly Untunately the er most of your personal contact in Europe will be with hotel clerks and cafe waiters secure a good room good table and good service dress as if you deserve it In fact you may be spped and turned away at the door of some places if you are not properly dressed Riffraff is not welcome Sponsored Products are advertisements products sold by merchants on When you click on a Sponsored Product ad you will be taken an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products. I used like that but learned the hard way how do it the easy way Living in Haarlem at the time I drove Paris with my Dutch girl friend a weekend sortie My two suitcases were packed with six days worth of extra and other just-in-case stuff When I picked her up I was amazed She wore a black jumpsuit a colorful scarf a fashionable raincoat and carried a slightly oversized purse with everything she needed That was it Although our room was a nice one in an above average hotel there was hardly enough space hang my things or stash the suitcases My precious Paris time was wasted putting things away deciding what wear and repacking everything Bloggers and Webmasters: You may link the URL - /--.htm freely Please do When you link please send the URL your linking page and a crosslink will be installed in one of the categories of the ERS YELLOW PAGES your site if it has significant content ers in Europe Free free and free This web site is tally free everyone and a labor of love me Support Nicolle says Ap at 1:34 pm Do you recommend flat boots even in summer? May 8 2018 by HPL Guest Ultimate Female Packing List Cuba in March See. I’ll be in in mid-March and the weather is looking at bit cold and rainy Are jeans common there? I was only planning bring one pair as they aren’t the most comtable walking Also are knit pants frowned upon as I have some that are very good walking about and do not look like. Lettie says August 8 2016 at 11:59 am Pick a color family and stick with it Survey what you already have in your closet from the above I know I get shop-happy whenever I’m about go on a trip but often realize I had something better already in my closet Shopping in my own closet I have NS of grey (I actually looked through my Facebook profile pics and I seem always choose pictures where I am wearing grey so I’m obviously more comfy in it) I used that base my choices on this upcoming trip Most of the I’m packing are grey/black/white with a couple splashes of green and blue I can take any shirt and match it any p I can layer almost any p 2-3(some even 4) deep if it gets cold I can put my leggings under my pants if it is really chilly I can wear just a shirt and slacks if it is warm in Rome Also hardly anyone will know me so who cares if I wear the same fabulous get-up 4 times on a two. Brooke says August 8 2016 at 9:42 pm If you’re not bringing proper walking shoes then just make sure the walking sandals are super comtable That’s the most important part. House rules at my hostel in Riga Latvia required everyone check their shoes at the door This is what the patrons were wearing — fashion boots tennies street shoes hiking boots and flip flops Flip-flops in Latvia in January? They raise some ugh durable people up north! See Hostels in Europe: ERS YELLOW PAGES more about hostels It's a. However no matter what you pack the attention will most likely come even if you are wearing a pota sack On second thought you may want throw in some earplugs drown out those catcalls Booking Accommodation in Accommodation fit any budget can be found across Super budget ers will enjoy couchsurfing or hostels while those looking a more comtable experience can search AirBnb’s and hotels Start searching now and book early if you plan in high season Click here search the deals on hostels and hotels in Hello! I’m on my honeymoon in Jan 2015 I haven’t seen may post on what pack January Any tips? We’ll be 2 weeks all over ! Thanks. I'm preaching on this site about not wearing Levis keeping your hair trimmed and controlling the facial hair This shows me in Buda overlooking Pest Hungary circa 1989 It looks like I am a sinner Mon Dieu! No wonder that the security guys have been giving me a pat down at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport decades The strap of my day bag is visible and my video camera in my right hand is ready roll any action that comes along Traditionally European do not shave their legs But they seldom show much leg (except at the beach) since their dresses and skirts overlap their boots An American woman ing in Europe could easily escape the regular leg shaving In addition many European do not shave under their arms These traditions are crumbling and generally shave these days Whether or not go traditional is a matter of personal taste Jackie says September 2 2013 at 2:49 am If you want blend in baseball caps and white sneakers are not the way go I prefer blend in as much as possible in my bright red hair tends mark me as a eigner in the country Dressing in short-shorts and tank ps in summer isn’t always the option Italian men will hassle you the point of following you down the street block after block If you don’t want this kind of attention dresses are a better option in summer along with those trusted skinny jeans Weather protection is essential Bring a telescoping umbrella You can find umbrellas which slide down under 10 inches But get a good quality device A lightweight hooded mackinsh is very handy those frequent all day drizzles A light pair of leather gloves and a hat are helpful off-season and can even be useful in northern Europe in the summer 'S WEAR Friends who have read this book often say that it is overly male oriented A major reason perhaps is my discussion of clothing but the attitude probably surfaces in other areas as well I've seen packing lists on the internet written by who must have had a plaon on hand carry their utterly essential stuff Some girls claim that they simply can't with only a carry-on bag and some bring everything but the kitchen sink on a weekend outing This site is great! We will be ing throughout the last two weeks in September beginning with Venice then Florence Tuscany Rome and amalfi coast Just how warm is the weather typically? I hesitate pack summer-like clothing since i consider September early fall I really need some helpful advice I have laid out 1pair black capris 1 pair khaki capris 1 pair black pants 1 pair skinny jeans 1 pair tan pants along with short sleeved and long sleeved ps Also 2 dresses ( not daytime) & one daytime dress one black skirt a raincoat bathing suit pashmina and scarves Am I about covered? Most of the short sleeved ps are summer colors….is this ok? How hot will sorren be at the end of September? Sofia G says Febru at 10:21 pm © 2018 Her Packing List All Rights Reserved Hosted by WP Engine / Site Disclaimer / Affiliate Disclosure / Start. As every er and chronicler of the subject relates pack light Seldom does anyone define the meaning of pack light except present a list of and accessories bring no such list ever being universally practical One size or style does not fit all enjoy you must pack light define pack light with your chosen load and see yourself if it is convenient and gives you the freedom you need See the Pack Light Field Test Remember that are not the same as office or school When you you can wear the same thing day after day Nobody is see you twice except your partners They may get bored looking at what you wear every day but they didn't go Europe see your wardrobe! And if they are smart they didn't pack a different outfit every day of the week either Alexandra says August 8 2013 at 8:30 pm Can anyone vouch the weather in early September in the Rome Florence and Cinqueterra area?? I can’t tell if it will be cooler like fall in the States or still feel summery. Many hotel rooms in France are posted "Do not wash your in the room and do not eat in the room" — free translation from le français (French) My theory is that if no drip marks or crumbs are left on the floor the spirit of the hotel keeper's request is honored Hand washing in your room will certainly save you money will probably occupy less of your time and will relieve you of the uncertainty of delay due sometimes service Picnicking in your room has exactly the same benefits See chapter 15 Eating in Europe: on Thy Belly Instead of doing your laundry in the wash basin use the bidet A letter from a reader asked if this is sanitary The bidet is clean so why not? You can let your laundry soak a while and still be able brush your teeth and wash. Personal Care Now 28 Stephanie is a trooper with experience Europe since her diaper days She has made about ten round trip trans-Atlantic flights as an unaccompanied minor (UM) starting when she was seven Later she ed all around Europe in her gap year(s!) several summers studied French in Paris Spanish in Salamanca and used Italian daily during her summers in Lombardy Kindergarten in Germany a year and a half was her first school After her second degree she is now a working Registered Nurse Besides her love is books She has a great YouTube page at time read! Check it out Stephanie's take on what wear is below at A Report from Stephanie Urists que enter a monument in Rome in August clothing it looks like anything goes Notice the smartly dressed dude in the middle wearing blue bangos and camp boots He probably has his dinner at McDumpster's [Pho by Stephanie] Go Like a Local a number of reasons you are better off looking like a local citizen rather than a standard American urist Do not misinterpret this I love the USA and all that it represents but I try avoid being an American billboard when I overseas The primary reason is avoid being a target of pickpockets a breed endemic in Europe You might also think that it could avoid being caught up in terrorist bombings That is probably not an issue since the murdering sons of bitches just kill anybody including fellow Muslims praying at their local mosque Elise says at 1:22 am Hi Veronica I’m in my mid-40s and I’ve been alone more than a dozen times I suggest the following: Annie Kennedy says May 2 2018 at 5:59 pm I’ve been a few times usually in June My experience during June is it is chilly in the North part of the country (Venice) and gets warmer the further south you go (Rome is warm with Naples being even warmer and Sicily quite warm) I never ok boots but I did take jeans and used them I wouldn’t necessarily take wedges because again if you are doing a lot of walking you are want comtable shoes on cobblesnes I ok cute flats ms and sandals I have also found the times I didn’t bring a warmer sweater or sweatshirt were the trips when I could have really used one Again like others have mentioned make sure if you are in a religious site have on appropriate Italians are very serious about showing respect in churches and will not let you in if you are not dressed appropriately Some sites do have something you can use cover yourself but don’t count on that Hope this. Ladies please please please leave your Madeline Albright suits at home Better yet just throw them in the trash Those tight pastel skirts and jackets are screaming yuk absolutely horrible I can't even put the real words in print Hillary Clinn and her pastel pants suits are just as bad I recommend that you wear a loose fitting black pants suit a few of your silk blouses a couple of splashy scarves and maybe a pearl choker Be feminine but be modest Have a look at Dr Condoleezza Rice and what she wears She looks right sharp all over the world and presents an image that all Americans can really be proud of She is cool Imitate her and you won't go wrong Bring only the jewelry that you can afd have slen Repeat Bring only the jewelry that you can afd have slen You have read the sries of Hollywood bimbos more. Brooke says November 5 2012 at 11:50 pm ALWAYS important have tissues or the like in your purse/pocket. Thanks the tips I am a study abroad this summer and was unsure what pack Colorado summers are so different from Europe and I have only been the colder European countries in Spring bee I am so excited go and this checklist should make the. Dryers are similar ours so you should have no difficulty Dryers normally run on a ten minute cycle and the cost is reasonable You'll probably have come back every ten minutes feed and start the thing again since many will not run multiple times with extra coins Lonely Planet is the only guide book series which locates laundromats in the major cities Use their maps and legend find a place wash your You do not necessarily want ask your hotel The manager may direct you one of his associates or sub-contracrs That is not always your deal Wash Basin or Bidet It's the old fashioned way If you do not want go a laundromat then you must scrub soak rinse wring and. Those of you who wish look fashionable keep your neck warm and not look like an American urist wear a scarf In Europe a scarf is a ubiquius fashion statement and men from 10 years old and up wear scarves Bring one appropriate the season and climate Pack your scarf in your carry-on luggage or wear it The cool dry air in airplanes can give you a chill A scarf will help keep you cozy Visirs relax in a Rome museum The Europeans even the young ones wear their signature — a scarf — even in August in After you put your shoes on put your scarf on gals and gents even if you're wearing jeans and tennies [Pho by Stephanie.] Sheri says Febru at 1:36 am I will be in May Should I be bringing boots? I heard it will be. Jen T says Decem at 4:49 am Sherri57 says Ma at 1:18 pm If you allow the laundromat do the wash you the attendant will set the temperature depending on the color of your Attendants follow the rules on the machine period Your permanent press white shirts will probably be boiled and returned as permanently wrinkled I suggest that you do it yourself in a coin machine If you can't read the directions ask around see if someone speaks English If that fails watch the others Temperatures are in Celsius a.k.a centigrade inmation on Celsius see chapter 27 Europe's Metric System The price of one load of wash can be three dollars or more Detergent will be available either in single load sizes from a coin aumat or free from a soap tub in the laundromat Katherine H says June 3 2013 at 1:56 am I’m ing Rome sorren and Capri and was wondering if a Kavu over the shoulder bag would be ok The zippers can be hidden and they unzip downward but also has a hidden pocket inside… In July we are bareback sailing on the Amalfi coast one week and Rome another Boots? Flats? Since most of my time I’ll be on a boat I could still get away with amazing wedges dining out at night and not sacrifice any space in the luggage right? Otherwise day sightseeing can be accomplished in hiking shoes and shorts without disrespecting the culture or making a fashion. Melissa says Oc at 6:10 pm Melissa says December 3 2012 at 12:19 pm Thank you the tips! My husband and I are visiting the last two weeks of September From what I’ve read this is an atypical time of year visit Should I pack cold or warm weather (we land in Rome and will north along the West coast) We will pack as lightly as possible so I’m looking all the tips I can get:) thank you and thanks everyone who left helpful comments! Beth says Septem at 3:48 am Melissa I’m so glad hear it all worked out! Thank you so much the feedback and thanks also the additions! Every er is different so the more info we can share the better 🙂 Sponsored Products are advertisements products sold by merchants on When you click on a Sponsored Product ad you will be taken an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products. There are times when you just do not have enough time in one place wash out the undies Say you have catch a train or drive the next city pron No problem Put your small stuff in a two gallon ZipLoc™ bag with a packet of Woolite™ Add water Zip it up and shake it around a bit You can let them soak until you find running water again rinse them out Then hang dry On the Floor Do not leave your or anything you intend on keeping in a bag on the floor of your hotel room Housekeeping hires from the botm of the grade card It is possible even likely that anything on the floor will be viewed as trash and thrown in the dumpster when maid service enters. Linda Grisham says March 7 2017 at 4:49 am maybe a cute hat light rain and a scarf that matches everything11Have fun!! Wring out your underwear and hang it over the usually present radiar It will be warm and dry by morning But dust off the radiar first And do the wash early in the evening since the heat is often turned off at night and then comes back on a few hours in the morning Chiara says March 1 2013 at 4:48 pm Pack sensible shoes an anorak and warm winter in Turin is a serious one with frost and snow possible from December. Brooke says Decem at 8:38 am Thanks sharing Jen! Love the poncho idea – so useful! Brooke says Janu at 5:34 am Hi Lynn Some great feedback here So happy hear you went carry on and still had a. Catherine says August 6 2015 at 2:26 pm One thing I would add this list is dry shampoo. The morning shave is probably the one thing most men wish they could do without but it might be better continue shaving Beards invoke suspicion in many people (e.g cusms agents and airport security folks) fear in some (e.g young ) and instant dislike in most of the rest (e.g hotel clerks and maitres d') You do not need hassles and rejections from these folks while you are ing I met the scorn of some Dutch girls at Zandvoort in the Netherlands on my 2015 summer trip Ouch I shaved the beard off that night using my favorite "shaving cream," vinegar See the multiple virtues of vinegar in my Personal Care Items chapter 6 But then again wearing a beard saves time and trouble in the morning so make your own call on this Try keep it neatly trimmed if you have a beard I have had a beard many years on. Amber says at 4:15 pm Thank you thank you thank you this list! I’m moving Naples a few years and my most of my things will take several months arrive I am NOT a light packer so this list will help me slim down my baggage that I can take with me Thank you taking a huge weight off my shoulders (literally)! Z says at 1:36 am As always great tips from Suzy There are some things on here I had not thought of like the wine opener I like that you mentioned what’s appropriate in churches Bee I left study in Florence our professor explained that us stressing that it was our responsibility be respectful It’s something a lot of people don’t realize when. Please make sure that you are posting in the m of a question

There's a problem loading this menu right now Learn more about Amazon Prime. Adriane says Ap at 4:37 am I have no ambition of being a clothing cop so accept this chapter as you will The advice is based on years of personal experience in Europe Yeah sure you can wear your back yard jeans or cut-offs t-shirt or no shirt and sneakers or flip flops If that is the way you want be viewed in the cosmopolitan cities throughout Europe expect no respect I am startled by some of the email I get on this subject Some readers claim that I have never been Europe and do not know what I am talking about They are passionate and rather foul at times in proclaiming that jeans are the holy grail If you are under 25 regard eating out as a quick sp at McD's and jeans are the only drawers you own then. Your Shopping Cart is empty Give it purpose—fill it with books DVDs electronics and more If you already have an account sign in There's a problem previewing your cart right now Check your Internet connection and go your cart or. I’m also (Venice Florence Rome) this month! In two days be exact (eek!) I’ve been reading a lot of packing lists but this one is the ! Plus the comments are really helpful I’m take one pair of black jeans I was planning on taking an extra pair in dark blue but I think I’ll be fine w/o I’m also taking a pair of track pants that could be dressed up or down a pair of green pants and a couple of dresses With a few ps I think I’ll be fine. […] /2011/08/ultimate-packing-list-/ […] Americans ing Europe on business must wear their Impression is critical in doing business overseas If you wear khaki Dockers work because they are so comtable put them aside your trip A dark plain lightweight wool suit will be accepted all occasions Use it after work social events as well See what the network news anchors wear Do not wear brown or patterns unless you are a university professor The Tie Is the Thing White shirts are fine and are always OK You'll see many men wearing colors I prefer a sky blue Ties from the p fashion names or knock-offs are the order of. By Brooke I would expect that a woman dressed in grungy denim would normally be approached by a man in more or less the same low-life outfit It's only speculation but I guess that if you want meet the prince of your dreams in Europe you would dress the nines Why not? Besides in Levi's are about the most asexual creatures on the earth I don't know why girls wear Levi's They are so unflattering the derrière A party of university students take over the sidewalk and part of the street in Leiden Netherlands a few rounds of traditional Dutch beverages Awesome site! I was looking what I need buy/pack our destination wedding and 10 day Europe trip when I found your site We are keeping our original date but instead of getting married at the Disney Castle we are getting married in Florence (he surprised me last night) Our date is in January I know it is be super cold but since I am from central florida I am not used the cold as we wear flip flops and shorts year long What should I buy pack? I was given a rolling duffle as a wedding gift already use I have a strapless dress so I am planning on getting a cape or nice fur jacket and thinking white furry boots instead of pretty heels but not sure what else lol thanks! Suzanne says Febru at 2:14 pm Really great inmation! I am be in Sorren/Rome in May Should I be packing summer weather? I o was wondering about bringing boots and a rain jacket…or will an umbrella suffice? Lynn Stephens says Janu at 3:54 am Jennifer says Ma at 11:15 pm Untunately you do have wash your while ing There are several ways get it done In packing light you need only 3 days worth of everything plus the on your back This means a laundry job twice a week Hotel Service In standard urist class hotels you rarely see a laundry bag a normal item in American motels When I have found the laundry bag in Europe I almost used it something else after reading the prices It would be cheaper buy new at American prices but you won't find American prices in Europe If the hotel does not have a cleaning or laundry service the desk clerk will be able direct you a dry cleaner or laundromat If you are on an extended business trip you probably must use the hotel service because you do not have time do it yourself Some miserly Dilbert managers will single out this item on your expense report and try disallow it Stand your ground Marisa says Ocber 4 2013 at 2:49 am Schan says September 6 2013 at 8:40 pm Lacey says June 8 2016 at 8:45 am If you’re not Italian chances are you’re stand out no matter what Go comt There’s be a lot of urists in both destinations 🙂. In Europe you'll notice all sorts of footwear — boots clogs tennis joggers sandals army issue camper clumpers and Italian fashion Many people will see and examine your shoes bee their eyes come up meet yours if they ever do Appearance is important Wear a good looking durable broken-in pair of shoes Your average American department sre shoes will probably be mistaken Italian fashion Perfect An average pair of polished black slip-ons will get you in the door anywhere Also rubber soles will survive far better than leather soles on the rain soaked sidewalks of Europe Kimberly says Ap at 11:31 pm Iletries are ridiculously expensive in especially the amount of product you get in little sized bottles If you want save some money bring some of your favorites from home Your load will lighten as you use more products throughout. Brooke says Oc at 11:11 am Have a splendid time in Naples Melissa! And let us know how the packing. I wrote Stephanie recently ask if she would give me the dimensions her suitcase if she still has it She replied 'I do not untunately — it broke and it was just o big.' I believe it was 29 inches I do know that it weighed 49.6 pounds on the Delta Airlines scale just short of their 50 pound limit and I was the beast of burden getting it the airport No wonder that the handle broke off and good riddance My advice is do not wear any kind of sports shoes e.g tennis jogging or whatever else they call them these days I was with some business associates in The Hague a few years ago and we decided take a pub crawl Two of them had just bought new jogger shoes and wore these out the evening stroll The doormen at several places would not allow my friends in the door These places were just your average Dutch cafés and bars not fancy or up-scale And my associates were businessmen in their 50s certainly good potential cusmers in any establishment Those doormen want keep their jobs so they keep the off-spec people outside Nothing looks clunkier than fresh white tennies I've heard that the French call them marshmellows In my Amsterdam and Brussels train station observations jogger shoes were worn by less than 5% of those passing through usually by young people with backpacks One challenge the scrub-it-yourselfer will be in hanging your if they are still dripping This applies slacks skirts shirts blouses and other outer-wear Inflatable hangars are ideal drip dry shirts and blouses If you have no bathtub or shower in the room use a newspaper catch the drips Sometimes a bit of ingenuity will be needed figure out what tie your line on Some rooms are almost impossible Strapping tape can sometimes come the rescue See chapter 6 Pack Light Field Test: Europe in Comt and Style Take your wash down in the morning so that the chambermaid doesn't observe You do not need a confrontation with the hotel keeper If your are still damp just hang them in the closet if there. When having dry cleaning done make sure that cleaning is done and not just pressing Write down the native word cleaning If there are spots or stains point them out the attendant Spot removal can't be guaranteed because the spot may be due loss of dye rather than misdirected spaghetti sauce or wine Hostel "Service" If you are using hostels as you the economy or the camaraderie you are likely find a washing machine in a side room This will be one of the most convenient and cheapest opportunities washing your If you are ing in high season you may have wait in line use the machine Jennifer says Febru at 4:21 pm I o will be in in May and am on the fence about a few things especially since we will uring the country from N S Are boots necessary? How about a wide hat? Is it o early a wedge sandal? Brooke says December 3 2012 at 10:55 pm Hi! im 17 and I’m this summer with my parents and 2 younger brothers (15 and 9) and i was wondering if you all had some tips making the whole family look less like a urist we will not be with a group or ur guid so hopefully that will help but what about dress and mannerisms? i know classy and chic my mom but can i dress a little more boho esc? like maxi skirts and dresses and leather sandals crop ps? And what about my little brothers? ….they need a lot of work I’m so excited but a little nervous so i would appreciate all the help and advise as possible!!! thanks. Grace Hernandez says at 8:33 pm Hello! I found this super helpful! I was wondering if you had any extra tips long term stay (15 months be more precise) I’m moving from Miami Milan in the fall of 2015 study… Anything else will help greatly! Previous Post. Note: The highlighted #E number is arbitrary It is meant help identify products in this advert page when you write in electrical advice Depending on where you will be in and what you will be doing some of these items aren’t necessary If you are ing around Sicily in December it will be cold and call heavy coats and boots If you are stationed in Florence or Rome the summer the heat will be engulfing Sun dresses and breathable fabrics are the answer. We went Rome in April with my husband’s parents and in rained the entire time! We were taking ur-groups around locations heavy with opportunities rain puddles and though we were wearing walking shoes I saw a gal with rain boots and I thought it was genius! Wished I’d thought bring those from home…since we lived in Switzerland at the time it wouldn’t have been an algether extra thing bring since it was raining when we left and raining when we got back from Rome! Whenever I if I take boots I fold my underwear and rolls my socks and make as much use of the extra pockets of room as possible.